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Executive search, specializing exclusively in Supply Chain and Logistics

We specialize in logistics and supply chain roles for companies in third party logistics, retail, wholesale, manufacturing, freight forwarding, trucking.

SCL Search Consultants Ltd. is an executive search firm with extensive experience in the Supply Chain Sector

We are a recruitment firm that services employers and professionals in the supply chain and logistics industry. Our dedicated specialist supply chain recruiters identify, qualify, and secure high caliber individuals who possess the skills your company needs. We assess candidates’ technical capabilities and management skills, connecting with supply chain talent that can give your business a competitive advantage.

Our Expertise

Supply Chain and Logistics Specialists

We help top employers identify the best talent in supply chain and logistics. Our consultants have both hands-on experience and education in the supply chain sector, enabling us to make the right match for our clients’ hiring needs every time.


Supply Chain

Let’s Find the Right Match

Our Process

SCL Search Consultants recruits only top-tier talent for your supply chain positions

As a top-performing search firm, we recruit only top-tier supply chain talent for our clients. Over the years, we’ve developed a simple recruitment process to identify and attract candidates who are the perfect fit for our clients. We partner with you, our client, to execute this process and deliver the right people.

Understanding Your Requirements

The first and most important step in our process is gaining a full understanding of your requirements. This normally means an in-person discussion with your hiring team to learn about your organization’s history, operating style, corporate culture, as well as short-term and long-term goals. We then dive into the accountabilities and requirements of the role, and develop the ideal candidate profile in terms of skillsets, experience and fit. We also establish timelines and agree upon deliverables.

Talent Sourcing

We primarily target the “passive” candidate, that elusive group of talented individuals who are unlikely to apply to a job posting but may entertain an opportunity presented by our consultants. We find these individuals in our proprietary database of over 20,000 supply chain professionals, on LinkedIn, and through word-of-mouth referrals. We invest heavily in industry events and logistics association memberships, so we can keep our knowledge current as well as grow our network.

Making the Match

The key to a successful placement is not just finding talent, but the ability to identify the right talent for your needs. With our experience and education in supply chain and logistics we’re better able to understand your technical requirements, enabling us to look beyond credentials for the more important abilities and soft skills, making the right match every time. We try to meet candidates in person wherever possible, and if that’s not possible we “meet” via TEAMS or ZOOM.


For every search, we sift through millions of profiles using Boolean search, comb through thousands of resumes and interview notes, and make hundreds of phone calls to build our initial candidate pool. After in-depth screening including in-person interviews, we typically present only our top 3-5 candidates. In addition to resumes, we also include a summary of our interview notes, outlining important details that may not be obvious from the resume, such as salary expectations, leadership style and career goals.


We pride ourselves on our speed of delivery. We usually present an initial shortlist from our proprietary database within 1-2 weeks, but we don’t stop there. To cover a broader pool of candidates our in-depth headhunting and referrals process from start to finish is typically about 4-6 weeks. What happens from there is up to you. We encourage our clients to move quickly once we have identified the right candidate.

Presenting the Offer

Once you have selected your top candidate, we complete references and collaborate with you to put together the right offer. We have negotiated thousands of compensation packages, and are experts in presenting your job offer in a way that improves our chances of gaining acceptance. We also “prep” our candidates on how to professionally resign from their current role, thus reducing the chances of losing them to a counteroffer.

Why SCL Search

Make the Right Choice

Finding the right leader is difficult, particularly in the complex world of supply chain and logistics

Many search firms rely on keywords and credentials, without a proper understanding of the world of supply chain. With our experience and education in supply chain and logistics, we’re better able to understand your technical requirements, enabling us to look beyond credentials for the more important abilities and soft skills.

We have been proactively screening and interviewing senior supply chain talent since 2004. SCL Search was established in 2015, and has meticulously built a searchable database containing over 20,000 candidate profiles. All of these candidates have been screened by one of our professional search consultants, and all have extensive experience in the supply chain sector.

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