July 11, 2019

Interviewing effectively involves more than simply asking questions and writing down the answers. But sometimes find that this is precisely what many logistics hiring managers and human resources professionals do.

Be Fully Present

It’s important to have questions prepared ahead of time, but to be an effective interviewer, you need to be fully present. Listen carefully to your candidate’s answers, and if something piques your curiosity, or doesn’t quite make sense, ask probing questions.

Go Off-Script

Most interviewers ask behavioural questions to uncover specific experience handling certain situations, and we typically expect candidates to follow the STAR structure when they respond. What about candidates who don’t follow the standard structure? Does it mean they’re not a fit for the job? Probe further and go off-script to find out.

Ask Follow-Up Questions

Listening and probing is a bit of an art. Try asking questions such as:
“How did you come up with that strategy?”
“What specific steps did you take to reduce the inventory?”
“How did your boss react to your idea?”

The Non-Question Follow-Up

“Wow, I hadn’t realized that!” can be a really effective way to keep the conversation going. Another really brilliant follow up is “uh-huh” while leaning forward and nodding your head. And, of course, silence is one of the best non-question follow up strategies.

Tip for Job-Seekers

The same tips apply to job-seekers. Prepare questions about the company and the opportunity in advance, but when you’re in the interview and given the opportunity to ask questions, listen carefully to the answers. Take the information you’re given to build more questions. Be curious about the job and the organization, and your chances of landing a job offer will increase!

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