May 14, 2018

Was Supply Chain ever considered sexy? Maybe not! Which is all the more reason that we, as supply chain and logistics professionals, need to find creative ways to make careers in supply chain more desirable.

As of 2017, there were approximately 881,326 workers in the in the supply chain sector labour force within Canada, according to the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council. The sector added an average of about 8,800 new jobs a year between 2010 and 2017. As well as an anticipated continuation of growth in new jobs, the sector is expected to face challenges filling jobs left vacant due to retirements and worker turnover. Speaking from my personal experience as a recruiter specializing in the Supply Chain sector, our biggest challenge recently has been finding great candidates because of the shortage of talent.

So what can we do to bring sexy back to supply chain careers and attract more talented young people to our sector?

1. Raise awareness of the sector. At my kid’s high school, most students asked about jobs in logistics will think of truck drivers and forklift operators. It’s in high school that young people begin to choose a career path, and careers in supply chain are simply not promoted at that level. To overcome the shortage of qualified workers, organizations and individuals like yourself will need to actively promote the supply chain sector with young people.

2. Look for opportunities to mentor new supply chain professionals within your own organization. Help your team to develop and be challenged. Make their career choice as positive as you can, and word will gradually spread about developing a career in supply chain.

3. Consider hiring for skills instead of experience. Most of our clients want someone with experience in supply chain. Instead of experience, take a look outside the industry to attract your employees. Look for candidates who have a desire to learn along with a passion for math and analytics.

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