January 13, 2023

I met with a client yesterday who was considering replacing an under-performer on his team, and he asked me how we are able to find candidates when we’re working on a confidential search.

Here’s a little insight into the operations of a specialist recruitment firm.

At SCL Search, we specialize exclusively in supply chain and logistics, and we’ve been in business for nearly 8 years. Plus, I have personally been working in supply chain for 20 years. Because of this focus, we have developed a strong network of individuals that work in the supply chain sector. So we can often dip into our database and fill a role without ever posting job ads.

However, when we do post ads, we are able to do so in a way that protects our client’s anonymity. We are able to craft job postings that are deliberately vague, so that they don’t reveal sensitive information.

Plus, when screening candidates for a confidential search, we don’t give the name of our client in our initial discussions. We normally don’t disclose the name of our client until after we have determined the candidate is a potential match, and after our candidate signs a non-disclosure agreement.

Even then, some companies are reluctant to let the recruiter disclose the name of the organization until after they have interviewed the candidate. In those instances, we can arrange interviews in such a way that the name of our client is not disclosed until further along in the process.

However, confidentiality becomes impossible to guarantee when there are multiple search firms involved, so we require exclusivity for confidential searches.

If you’re considering upskilling the talent on your supply chain team, let me know. Send me a PM if you want to keep your inquiry confidential!

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