May 29, 2024

Something interesting that you may not be aware of: typically about 40% – 60% of our search assignments are confidential.

Sometimes we have searches that are so confidential that our client won’t allow us to post an ad online, so we have to rely strictly on our own connections and our ability to headhunt.

What’s behind this need for confidentiality?

The reasons vary from one situation to another, but often we’re replacing an under-performer; sometimes we’re backfilling on a promotion that has yet to be announced; and sometimes it’s something more strategic – a newly created role that is not public knowledge.

Whatever the reason, if you’re hiring for a role that must be kept confidential, consider engaging a recruitment firm who specializes in your industry.

We have a database of over 20,000 supply chain professionals across North America, so if you need to conduct a quiet search we can approach matching individuals that are already pre-screened, have them sign an NDA, and very quickly present a qualified shortlist.

Please let me know if we can help with your confidential hiring.

And if you’re an experienced logistics professional open to an exciting new opportunity, don’t just apply to job postings! There are many jobs that never get posted on job boards, so please drop me a note so we can consider you for those confidential roles.

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