October 13, 2017

The Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council announces the launch today of 10 new People in Supply Chain videos, at the SCMA Alberta 2017 Conference in Red Deer, Alta. The video profiles focus on men and women working in Alberta’s supply chain sector in a variety of industries and functions, and provide a sampling of the sector’s career options.

Despite their different roles and responsibilities, the video participants shared several common messages about supply chain work.

• Every day in a supply chain position is different; new experiences and variety are part of the job.
• Soft skills are key to success.
• The supply chain welcomes workers with transferable skills, different backgrounds and a willingness to learn.
• The pace is fast, the opportunities plenty.
• The work is challenging.
• You can build a career in the supply chain.

The new videos were created to increase awareness of supply chain occupations and career paths. They supplement other career-profile videos created through an earlier Council project.

The videos can be seen on the Council’s website, at www.supplychaincanada.org/en/videos. They are meant to be shared and used widely by supply chain employers, educators, job counselors and others in the sector.

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