April 3, 2023

“What if you don’t know the salary range for the job?”

This question came up recently when I was doing a presentation for a Supply Chain class at a college. It’s a common concern for jobseekers, particularly those who are new to the job market or trying to make a career change.

Many job postings don’t list a salary range, and sometimes when the range is posted, it’s so broad that it can be difficult to know what fair compensation should be for a particular role.

When it comes to salary negotiations, knowledge is power. So do your homework.

Research job boards like LinkedIn, Indeed and Glassdoor. The job you’re looking at may not have a salary posted, or it may have a really broad range, but chances are that there will be similar roles posted that do show a salary range. Use this information as a guideline in your negotiation.

Another way to gather information about salary ranges is to talk to people in your network. This includes colleagues, former colleagues, mentors, and even recruiters. You can also reach out to professional organizations in supply chain and logistics to get a sense of typical salaries.

Working with a recruiter can be a tremendous help in salary negotiations. Recruiters who specialize in your industry will know what certain jobs should pay, and will help you to negotiate a fair compensation package.

With a little bit of research and preparation, you can go into salary negotiations with confidence and come out with a fair deal.

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