April 12, 2022

I picked up a journaling habit recently that I thought was worth sharing.

I’ve been journaling for a little over a year, but typically I just write about whatever is on my mind without much structure or focus. I sometimes don’t know what to write, or find myself repeating the same things, and often don’t see much benefit in the exercise.

But I was listening to an interview with Rachel Hollis a few weeks ago, and she talked about creating a gratitude journal. She gave a structure to journaling that I had not heard before. I put it into practice right away, and found it to be a really positive experience.

The idea is this:

Write down 5 things that happened within the last 24 hours that made you feel grateful. After listing each of them, take a moment to remember how that event made you feel.

They don’t have to be big things. A great cup of coffee, a sunny day, a project completed, a kind word from a co-worker. Write them down, and take a few seconds to feel the happiness you experienced in that moment.

It only takes 5 minutes, but I find it puts me in a great mood and helps me be happier and more productive throughout the day.

Give it a try, and let me know how it goes!

If you have other journaling suggestions please share them in the comments.

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