April 12, 2023

How are you with Excel?

This is a pretty standard interview question in the supply chain and logistics sector.

A skilled interviewer will often look for examples of how and when you have analyzed a complex data set, so be prepared to answer this common question. Case studies are frequently used in interviews as well, and are a great way to assess analytical skills.

Analytical skills, particularly proficiency in software like Excel, are essential for finding a job in the supply chain and logistics industry.

The ability to use Excel to create pivot tables, perform data filtering, and generate charts and graphs can help supply chain and logistics professionals to analyze data. This skill allows us to identify patterns and trends, forecast demand, track inventory, monitor labour KPI’s, and optimize transportation routes.

If you want to advance your career in logistics, I highly recommend increasing your proficiency with Excel.

How to improve?

There are several courses available, both online and through local colleges. However, if you are self-motivated and resourceful you will find excellent tutorials and free resources online. Most of the supply chain professionals I meet are self-taught experts in Excel.

Any other tips on how to improve your analytical skills? Any fantastic tools (besides Excel) that supply chain professionals should be proficient in? Please let me know in the comments.

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