June 6, 2024

Industry Experience

There are a LOT of factors that I look at when considering a candidate for a supply chain role. But one of the most important things I look at is industry experience.

Hiring for a retailer, I need either retail or wholesale experience.

Hiring for a manufacturer, I need manufacturing experience. And more specific than that – if I’m hiring for a food manufacturer, I normally can’t consider anyone who doesn’t have food, pharma or CPG manufacturing experience.

When I’m hiring for a 3PL distributor, I need 3PL distribution experience. Not 3PL transportation, that’s not the same thing.

Trucking? You guessed it, I need trucking experience. And usually more specific than that. If I’m working with an LTL carrier I need LTL experience. Not courier or FTL or flatbed.

Same thing goes for the vast majority of our searches.

There are some exceptions, but it’s unusual for me to consider someone from another industry.

I know this can be frustrating to jobseekers, but it’s my job as a recruiter to find the best match for my client (hiring company) and their job openings.


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