April 27, 2023

A friend of mine called me yesterday. He was starting a job search and was asking for advice on how to connect with recruiters. So one of the first things we looked at was his LinkedIn profile.

Like many supply chain professionals, his LinkedIn profile mainly consisted of a list of places he worked, job titles he held, and the dates he worked there.

So I gave him my 2 keys to a LinkedIn profile that will get a recruiter’s attention.

First, show some details about the scope and scale of the work you have done.

What sort of details to include? That will depend on the type of work you do. If you’re in a leadership role, the number of people you managed and size of the budget are important. Size of fleet (for transportation) size of facility (for warehouse management) sku count (for inventory management) may be important details to include depending on your role.

Second, include some select accomplishments and achievements. If you are able to quantify those accomplishments that would be fantastic.

How many accomplishments? Probably 4-7 is about right, again depending on the work you do. What sort of accomplishments are worth including? Think about cost savings on projects you led, improvements to the KPI’s you are responsible for, think about changes to processes that you initiated in the workplace. Any of these are worth including in your LinkedIn profile.

What am I missing? Any other keys to creating a LinkedIn profile that will attract a recruiter’s attention? Please let me know in the comments.

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