November 21, 2022

Sometimes job titles can be misleading.

I met several international students last week when I did presentations for supply chain classes at local colleges, and a few of them told me the jobs they held “back home” don’t match up with job titles in Canada.

I met a “coordinator” who was actually a manager and a “supply chain executive” who was actually an inventory planner.

Is it OK to change a job title on your resume to a more accurate descriptor of your role?

In my opinion I don’t see a problem with this, but I suggest leaving your actual title in brackets.

The resume is supposed to land you the interview. Once you get the interview, please explain the difference between your actual job title and the one you have on your resume, or the discrepancy will come back to bite you when checking references.

Do you agree? Disagree? Do you think changing the job title on a resume is dishonest?

Let me know in the comments.

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