April 19, 2023

I’m excited!

We’re hosting a networking event for CITT Toronto Area Council at the SCL Search office tonight in Mississauga!

The event is completely sold out due to space limitations, but should be a lot of fun. I’m so glad we were able to put this together, it gives us the chance to give something back to the logistics community in the GTA.

It’s going to be a pretty diverse crowd – we have logistics students and new grads looking for work, right up to business owners, Directors and VP’s, and everyone in between.

I have a quick networking tip for jobseekers (especially students and new graduates): use the event as a learning opportunity.

Try to meet people that are doing the work you hope to do in future, and ask them what they did to be successful. Find out what they like and don’t like about their work. Ask them how they got started, ask about education, ask them what they did to get promotions.

I often see jobseekers at networking events with the objective of getting a job, and they often leave those events frustrated.

Try approaching the event with an objective of learning something new, and you may find more success.

Other suggestions for jobseekers at a networking event?

Let me know in the comments!

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