August 11, 2022

CITT Webinar – New Talent Pipelines for Logistics Employers
Thursday, August 18

Challenges in recruiting employees at all levels is nothing new to the logistics industry. For decades, organizations have had to navigate everything from the ever-growing truck driver shortage to constant intra-industry poaching of top leadership talent – and experts predict the “Great Resignation” will continue to affect the labour market through 2022 and beyond. We’re now firmly in a worker-driven labour market. Join this webinar to learn more about what is going on in the labour market, and how you can access a variety of talent pipelines to meet your organization’s logistics talent needs.

You’ll hear about talent pipelines in the existing labor market, as well as strategies and processes for hiring international talent, and international students – both deep and talented labour pools.

Tom Pauls, CCLP (SCL Search)

• Vincent Custode (Trucking HR Canada)
• Denis Graville (Devant)
• Daniel Piembert (Great Start Canada)

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