December 4, 2018

What an amazing November! With only Tatiana Lazareva, CPIM and Tom Pauls, CCLP we set a new billing record for SCL Search, helping 7 supply chain and logistics professionals to start new and exciting careers. Phenomenal results for such a small team.

In addition to this, we tweaked and upgraded our website, turning it into a great resource for hiring managers and job seekers in supply chain and logistics. And to top things off, we renovated and moved into a new office! We still need to put on some finishing touches as you can see in the pictures, but our new office is up and running, fully functional.

New Office

Our new space is right at the corner of Millcreek and Erin Mills Parkway, at 6465 Millcreek Drive, Suite 212, in Mississauga. Just a few minutes away from our old office, but with a long list of advantages:

  • Great location, easier to find: just a few blocks south of the 401 at Mississauga Road
  • More parking
  • 4x the size of our old office!
  • Right above our favourite coffee shop (Buka Maranga)

Serving Our Clients Faster and Better

The larger space gives us room to expand and hire more recruitment consultants. As a team-based organization this means we can meet more candidates in a shorter period of time, enabling us to fill more of our clients’ supply chain hiring needs faster and better than ever before.

More Interview Options

We now have an amazing boardroom and reception area, as well as a private executive office, all available for use by our clients. This allows us to facilitate interviews on-site so we can speed up the hiring process while maintaining our clients’ confidentiality.

We Are Hiring!

With our expanded office space, we are actively looking to hire 2 recruitment consultants in the New Year. No headhunting experience is needed, we simply look for a basic background in supply chain and logistics. We also look for an eagerness to learn, a strong work ethic, and a keen interest in other people.

Find Out More

If you’ve ever considered a career in supply chain recruitment, please contact Tom Pauls, Managing Director, at Or call 905-230-7454 for a quick discussion.

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