January 10, 2019

The companies where you’ve worked shape the experience you’ve gained. As a logistics recruiting firm, we look for candidates that match our clients’ requirements as closely as possible, and their work environment is a key factor.  What industry did you work in? How many people did you manage? What was the size and scope of the logistics operation? It’s important that your resume displays these details prominently, so that hiring managers and recruiters can see a match between your background and their opportunity.

How to Display those Details

Here’s how to display those details:  Between the company name and the list of accomplishments, insert some information about the company and scope of work. Two to three lines is usually enough. This information may include the industry, size of the organization / team, and perhaps a brief outline of your basic responsibilities.


Here’s a real-life example I pulled from the resume of a transportation manager who we recently placed in a new role:

Company Name, Location Dates of employment
COMPANY NAME specializes in distributing food product (dry and refrigerated) to retailers, utilizing a private fleet of 50+ trucks. Led a team over 70 drivers, supervisors, in-house mechanics, dispatchers/customer service and warehouse teams.
Job Title
• Accomplishments / Achievements
• Duties / Responsibilities

Making the Match

By adding details about the work environment, the recruiter can see at a glance if the candidate comes from a similar company.  This will allow the recruiter to identify a potential match and to contact you about the opportunity.  In order to make the match, we need to know details such as the size of your team, software used, number of SKUs.

Inserting a few lines after the company name is a great way to summarize your experience.  The candidate whose resume shows an obvious fit for a job is far more likely to get a call from a recruiter than the candidate whose resume doesn’t show those details.

Looking for more interview or resume tips? Check the blog at SCLSearch.com, or take a look at our jobs page to see what opportunities we have available. Connect with us on LinkedIn. And let’s see if we can help you find that perfect opportunity in supply chain and logistics.

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