March 25, 2024

I met someone last week who had been with one company for 10 years, and had progressed through 3 different roles in the same organization. But her resume only showed one job title, so it looked like she had been doing the same thing for the entire time.

When I asked her why, she said she didn’t want her resume to become too long and repetitive, which is a common issue jobseekers face when writing a resume.

Holding multiple jobs with one company is what employers look for! Progression within one organization demonstrates that you made a contribution, and were recognized, and rewarded, with a promotion. Plus, multiple roles within one company demonstrates versatility. But how do you showcase this on your resume? Here’s the simplest and most effective way that I know of:

On your resume (or LinkedIn profile) under work experience, list the company name and dates of employment, followed by a little information about the company. Then, put your most recent (or current) job title and the dates you held that job, followed by a bulleted list of accomplishments relating to that role. Then do the same thing with your previous role. And the one before that.

Here’s what it should look like:

Company Name, Location Dates of employment
Insert a few lines about the company. This blurb is something you can often pull directly from the company website. Try to also include details about the size of team, scope of work.

Most Recent Job Title Dates
• Bullet points focusing on accomplishments and achievements.
• Perhaps mix in points to explain duties and responsibilities as well.
• Do not separate these under sub-headings, just mix them together.

Second Job Title Dates
• Different accomplishments and achievements.
• Perhaps include details about scope of work (size of team, etc).

Play with tabs and spacing to help the different jobs stand apart, and to make the resume easier to read. By focusing on accomplishments and achievements instead of duties and responsibilities, you should be able to avoid making your resume too repetitive.

I hope this helps!

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