December 23, 2018

Have you held more than one job at your company?  Is that career progression shown on your resume?  What about your LinkedIn profile?

Typical Profile

What we typically see in a LinkedIn profile or on a resume is the company name and dates of employment. But when we look for job titles we usually see only the title of the last job the individual held with that company, even if they actually held several roles during their time with that organization.

What Recruiters Look For

Logistics recruiters look for logistics superstars!  We want to connect with professionals who are moving forward in their careers.  That doesn’t mean switching companies every two years; in fact just the opposite.  Working for the same company for a long time is a really good thing, but being stuck in the same job can be a career killer.

How to Get Noticed

If you are a superstar who has advanced within your organization, here’s how to display that progression: On your resume (or LinkedIn profile) under work experience, list the company name and dates of employment, followed by a couple of lines about the company. After that, put your most recent (or current) job title and the dates you held that job, followed by a bulleted list of accomplishments relating to that role. Then do the same thing with your previous role. And the one before that. Simple!

Too Repetitive?

Here’s another tip: if your bullet points are getting repetitive, you’re probably listing duties and responsibilities instead of accomplishments and achievements. Here’s another article to help you avoid that mistake:

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