December 22, 2017

We have a small (but growing) recruitment consulting business, and trying to find fun but meaningful team-building activities has been a challenge!  We’ve done a few fun activities like Treetop Trekking and Escape Room, and when we hit a big goal earlier this year we went indoor skydiving, but what we found is that, although these activities were fun and gave us a common experience to share, they did not really enhance our team dynamic in the office.

Then we tried Cross-Fit.

I’ve been doing Cross-Fit at a local gym for about 8 months, and decided to take our team of 3 consultants to Cross-Fit Streets last week to see what would happen.

Coach Dan set us up with a team workout, so everyone had to work together to complete the exercises: reverse lunges, rowing, dumbbell thrusters, and hurdle jump-overs.  The weights and intensity were adjusted to the level of fitness of each individual, so nobody felt they could not do what was asked of them.

The team was pushed out of their comfort zone in performing unfamiliar exercises, forced to communicate with each other, and I think we all learned something about accountability to the rest of the team, as we were all relying on each other and pushing each other to complete our portion of the workout quickly.

If you’re looking for a teambuilding activity that helps foster improved communication and accountability I would certainly recommend Cross-Fit.

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