May 28, 2024

I have a candidate going for his third (and final) interview with my client. Hoping he’ll get the offer, everything is looking positive, fingers crossed! The hiring manager said this final interview was just a formality, so does that mean there’s nothing to worry about?

You never know!

I’ve seen many jobseekers who fail to prepare for their final interview because they think it’s just a formality. I have also seen many candidates make it to the final interview, and blow it.

So how to prepare?

Prepare for your final interview by digging even deeper with your research on both the company and the opportunity. Review your notes from your previous interviews to see if you can build what you have learned into bigger or more in-depth questions. If there are any subjects you have not yet explored, now is the time.

For a senior role (Director and above), you should have enough information about the company to allow you to prepare a 30-60-90 day plan, outlining your approach to help the organization meet their strategic goals. The interviewers may not need or expect this, but it’s always best to prepare ahead.

You may get some of the same questions you faced in earlier interviews, often just to see if your answers have changed. So be ready with examples, and have answers prepared for all the typical interview questions.

Don’t take anything for granted! Prepare for the final interview with as much enthusiasm and effort as you did the initial meeting.

And good luck!

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