September 8, 2018

I just finished two excellent books, and about ⅔ through another. Do you read success books? What are some of your favourites? Let us know!

In “Chasing Excellence” Ben Bergeron writes about coaching some of CrossFit’s most successful athletes. The lessons learned about mental toughness and the insights into the mind of a champion are invaluable. Whether you are a fan of CrossFit or not, “Chasing Excellence” is a great read for anyone in pursuit of excellence.

“Decisions” is an excellent book from the founder of Boston Pizza and Dragon on the popular Canadian show Dragons Den. How does Jim Treliving make decisions? For work he makes decisions with his heart; for money he makes decisions with his head; and for people he makes decisions with his gut. Great book, lots of entertaining stories about how he built his business and made tough decisions along the way.

We are organizing a networking event for supply chain professionals, so I thought brushing up on my conversation skills would be a good idea. I was pleasantly surprised by what I found in Renate Zorn’s book, “Good Conversation is for Everyone.” This book is written for introverts who struggle to engage others in conversation, so for me it was easy to relate! Lots of fantastic concepts, easy to read. I’m not quite finished this one yet, but so far it’s an excellent book that I highly recommend.

Do you have any favourites you would recommend? At SCL Search we’re always looking for ways to improve, so I’m constantly building our library of success books. Please let us know your recommendations!

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