September 17, 2018

Networking for Introverts

I am naturally introverted. Being around a crowd is something that I have always found intimidating, even to this day. But several years ago, I discovered the secret to successful networking, and even learned to enjoy networking. Later, I joined and eventually led an organization whose main purpose was helping logistics professionals to enhance their careers through networking.


The secret I discovered was quite simple. The secret is to focus on one person at a time. Find one person you can talk to and take a genuine interest in that one individual. Learn about them, see if there may be something you can do to help them reach their career goals. Then move on to another individual. A crowd of people is nothing but a group of individuals, so break that crowd into manageable pieces, one person at a time.

What to Talk About

What can you ask the people you meet about? If you possess a genuine curiosity about other people you won’t have much difficulty formulating questions. Perhaps start by asking what sort of work they do and what company they’re with. If you listen carefully, their answers will naturally lead to more questions. Ask about their company, ask about the work they do, how they got started on this career path! Ask about their education, their past work history, about their future career goals. I find people and the work they do fascinating, and because of this curiosity I no longer fear networking.

Networking Opportunities

Want to put this tip into practice? There are plenty of networking opportunities for supply chain and logistics professionals happening right now. Get in touch with us and we will help you get in contact with other talented supply chain and logistics professionals.

Want to Build Your SCL Network?

Our consultants are ready to help you build your network of supply chain and logistics professionals. Contact us for more information.

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