November 27, 2018

What’s your greatest weakness?

I rarely ask this question, but many hiring managers do, and a lot of job-seekers struggle to come up with a good answer.

Some individuals will put a positive spin on something that may or may not be perceived as a weakness.  “I’m a workaholic and spend too much time at the office” is something I’ve heard more than once. But this strategy will often backfire and should be avoided, as an experienced interviewer will see through it.

Instead, think about why the interviewer is asking this question. Chances are, they see a gap between your experience and the job they are looking to fill. They simply want to find out if you are self-aware enough (and honest enough) to acknowledge that gap.  If you want to really impress the interviewer, outline your plan to bridge that gap.

Answer the question by focusing on areas for improvement, instead of a character weaknesses or a flaw in your personality. Think of a skill, area of knowledge, or area of experience that may hold you back initially in this role. Maybe it’s a software application that you haven’t used recently, an education program, or specific industry experience.

For example, “I haven’t worked in healthcare, but I’ve worked in food manufacturing, and both sectors have very strict quality standards. There are differences, and I will have to learn specific details about the healthcare sector, but I know where to look to find those details.”

If you phrase your “weakness” in the right way, you may turn this question into an opportunity to demonstrate that you truly understand the opportunity for which you are being interviewed.  And demonstrating that understanding is one of the best ways to get the job offer.

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